911 Script

Welcome to the AdrenCAD 911 Script Plugin documentation. This guide will walk you through the installation process for the 911 Script plugin, which provides essential emergency call functionality to your Fivem server.


Before proceeding with the installation, ensure that you have the following prerequisites:
  • A Fivem server up and running.
  • AdrenCAD Fivem CAD Framework already installed and configured on your Fivem server.


Follow these steps to install the AdrenCAD 911 Script Plugin:

1. Download the 911 Script

Navigate to the AdrenCAD website or the appropriate download source to obtain the 911 Script plugin.
  • Download the 911 Script package to your local machine.

2. Add the Resource to the Fivem Server

Extract the downloaded 911 Script package.
  • Locate the 911 Script resource folder within the extracted package.
  • Rename the 911 Script resource folder to a suitable name (e.g., "cad-911").
  • Copy the renamed resource folder.
  • Navigate to your Fivem server's resources folder.
  • Paste the renamed resource folder into your server's resources directory.
Your directory structure should look like this:
├── adrenCAD/
├── cad-911/

3. Configure the Server.cfg File

Open your server's server.cfg file.
  • Add the following line to ensure the 911 Script plugin is started:
ensure cad-911
This configuration ensures that the 911 Script plugin is loaded and ready for use.


Once you've completed the installation process, the 911 Script plugin should be active on your Fivem server. Players can use this script to make emergency calls within your server.
Refer to the 911 Script documentation for specific usage instructions and customization options.


Congratulations! You've successfully installed the AdrenCAD 911 Script Plugin on your Fivem server. This plugin will enhance the emergency services experience on your server and contribute to the overall realism of your community.