911 Script

The 911 Script is a FiveM resource developed by the AdrenCAD team. This is a simple script that shows a NUI HTML page. This script can be configured and managed on the settings panel on your community dashboard. More Info on how to create a new community can be found here.


Plugin Settings


1) Install the plugin from here.
2) Get your community API Key from here.
3) Add your API Key to the config.js
4) Remove dependency '/assetpacks' from fxmanifest.lua
5) Install packages, CD into your resource directory and type npm i
6) Rename the resource to 911-script to prevent bugs.
7) Start the resource.

Common Errors

Could not find dependency /assetpacks for resource 911.

To fix this, remove dependency '/assetpacks' from fxmanifest.lua

Invalid API Key

To fix this, please make sure your API Key is valid! To obtain your API Key, please visit.

SCRIPT ERROR in timer: Error: removeListener only takes instances of Function

This error is caused when either the server looses connection to the API, or the API Key is invalid.


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